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My name is Joshua Wroblewski (Josh), I am a freelance wedding videographer that lives to capture couples' dream weddings. I would be stoked to shoot your wedding and hope that you leave my site confident to have me as your wedding videographer. I live for adventure and love! 

I call NEW ENGLAND home and am originally from Connecticut. Born and raised in a small town called Farmington, where not much goes on.  Moving to Colorado in 2020 was the best decision I have ever made. It has been a dream growing my wedding business here and meeting tons of amazing couples. The reason I even do wedding videography is because of how I feel when I am documenting real romance. There is no feeling better than filming true, heart-filled, passionate moments that occur right in front of you.

Going back in time a few years... or a lot of years...

I first picked up a camera when I was 5 years old. A young Josh was set to make videos for his YouTube channel. I spent many years creating films for the internet for my own passion. These videos ranged from anything I could think of; skateboarding, comedy skits, vlogs. I quickly realized how much I love the concept of picking up a camera and just capturing something. At the time, it didn't even matter what it was. I did this until high school, where I first began to take this previous 'hobby', and turn it into a profession. Making videos had been my one lifelong passion up until this point, leading me to grow it into a business. I began to make content for local businesses and figuring out various new skills along the way.

Then came college... I was a collegiate swimmer at the University of Connecticut, where I majored in Communications. When I first got to college, swimming and school consumed most of my time. I realized I was starting to forget about my lifelong dream of owning a videography business. After the first few months, I finally got myself a job working as a lead videographer in the UCONN athletics department. This taught me a magnitude of skills that later would translate to my business doing weddings. I continued doing this until I graduated in December 2020. 

Leading me to Colorado; My girlfriend was finishing up her degree here at Colorado State University, so needless to say.... I moved here. After getting here in August 2020, I quickly decided to grow my business as fast as possible. I gained as many business clients as possible and began doing more work for small businesses. Until I shot my first wedding.... I became obsessed. After seeing the joy I got from seeing couples so unimaginably happy and in love, I knew this was what I wanted to do. The rest is history! From there on out I decided to focus all my energy on couples in love. Weddings.

Fast forward 3 years - here we are. My now wife, son, and I moved back home to our roots in Connecticut. Still growing and developing my business here in New England, I am thrilled at the opportunity to work together! 


I like to keep our work creative and personal. I do a great job at becoming the bride and groom's right-hand man. I look at myself as a creative visionary who loves to capture couples in their purest moments. Everything I do is 100% effort of achieving the couples dream vision.

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